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Storia della famiglia Risorto

Benvenuti, welcome to Calabria Cucina Italiana e Caffè Bar. Although I was born here in Chesterfield, my family originates from Calabria, the southern most peninsular of Italy. My father, Benito, was born in Gagliano, a small village outside Catanzaro, the region’s capital by the sea. My mother is from San. Giovanni in Fiore, a well-known village nowadays in the ‘Sila’. This wonderful part of Calabria boasts woodland and lakes, providing a cooler escape from the scorching sun. It was in the early 60s that my parents, with my older brother Sev as a baby, made the life changing decision to leave their homeland of Italy to establish a new life here in beautiful Derbyshire.

Nearly fifty years on, our family continues to speak the regional dialect ‘Calabrese’ as a first language, giving testament to an everlasting connection and passion for our heritage. It is with fond memories of Italy, strong family values and sense of community that Calabria Cucina Italiana e Caffè Bar was born. Our restaurant is very much a family-run business, a venue where anybody can enjoy good food, great drinks and have a memorable experience. As Calabria’s reputation continues to grow as a vibrant place to visit, I feel both thankful and privileged to have realised my lifelong dream.

Whether you are relaxing, catching up with friends or having an informal meeting with colleagues, remember – Calabria is for you… it’s your place!
Vittorio Risorto – Owner

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